About Us

About Us

Bill Waldo, Founder and President


Bill Waldo has learned from first-hand experience the secrets of achieving the highest profitability for a closely-held company, built from the ground up. His start-up business eventually became one of the strongest and largest companies in the industry. With 75 employees in two states and a customer base of over 400, Bill's dreams of business success had become a reality.

Twenty years ago, he started his foodservice sales and marketing business out of his home in Las Vegas. Within one year, Bill Waldo had an office and employees, and after seven years, he expanded the business into Southern California, the second largest foodservice market in the nation. With a team of loyal and top-producing sales personnel, the company became one of the largest and most successful foodservice sales and marketing agencies in the Southern California marketplace.

As a result of Bill Waldo's success, he received numerous sales achievement awards in the industry and was selected to serve on the advisory boards for numerous national leading food manufacturers. He served as president of Marketech, an organization of leading food brokers in the nation, while he personally managed his organization with a “hands on” management style that marked the company’s success. Moreover, he represented over 50 food manufacturers including some of the largest and most prestigious food companies in the world.

In his years of experience, Bill Waldo was able to build his successful business without partners or buying out other companies, thus maintaining ultimate control of growth. Now, after enjoying the prosperous journey of reaching his goals, he is dedicating the next chapter of his career to helping other business owners reach theirs.

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